The ‘Untrusted’ games

Last Wednesday all Queens’ Computer Science students participated in a team programming game with delicious prizes offered by Dr. Rice.

The evening started off nicely with -guess what- special prizes offered for the best team name and for matching outfits. Team “’) DROP TABLE PARTICIPANTS; – -” managed to secure first place. Even though they were not the only ones trying to do that(!) they were the ones with the closest correct SQL injection (fortunately Google Forms is not vulnerable to these attacks).

XCKD SQL injection

Teams with similar hats, similar shirts and/or “fancy” dressed were awarded prizes as well.

1 2 3 4

The actual programming contest consisted of playing the game Untrusted and seeing who manages to finish it first. This is a puzzle game, where you have to write/complete, under some limitation, Javascript code in order to pass different levels. The game proved to be quite tricky and quite entertaining. I especially liked the level – sorry for the spoiler – where your player was in the forest and you had to regenerate the trees until you can move him and reach the exit.

Overall the contest was useful since we learned a bit of JavaScript – for those who didn’t know it already- and got to work in teams. Prizes were awarded along the way for funny or efficient solutions to different levels. We stopped after 2 hours with no team managing to finish the game –although coming really close to the end and even stopping on the last level- but with all teams doing much better than Dr. Rice.