University teaching prize

This year I was privileged to be awarded one of the University teaching prizes.   They only give out 12 awards a year and so given that there are around 1,600 academic staff in the university I was very pleased to get one. 

My nomination was from the Computer Laboratory for the work I’ve done with the programming lecture courses I teach.  For the first and second year Java courses this involved moving away from lectures to practical sessions with automated unit tests so that students can work at their own pace and actually practice on large programming tasks.  I also teach the second year course on Prolog and in this course I replaced the lectures with video recordings – the idea was to investigate how a MOOC would work in tandem with the Cambridge supervision system.    All of the above work I did in collaboration with Alastair Beresford who is a senior lecturer in the department and a fellow of Robinson College – he won a teaching prize too this year for this work.

Here’s a picture of me getting my award from the University’s Vice Chancellor Professor Sir Leszek Borysiewicz:


You can see more details about the awards on the University news pages