Meet the supervisors – Raphaël Proust

One of our new supervisors this term is Raphaël who will be supervising the Semantics course in the second year.  He’s written a short introduction about himself:

Raphaël is a PhD student. His research focuses on automatic memory management and intermediate representations for compilers. Blending these topics together leads to compile-time garbage collection. And once you start down that road you start wondering what is “garbage” and using “fix-point” as a verb and wondering why people even bother writing programs at all. Maybe that’s the road to a PhD… Hopefully.

Before Cambridge, Raphaël studied in ÉNS Cachan at the Université Rennes 1 and, before that, at the Université Paris 7 Denis Diderot. For as long as he has been able to select them on his own, he has always picked courses that try to fill a gap between the theory and the practice. Compilers are a good fit for that: modern compilers are a blend of a lot of theory and various engineering feats.