Part II students’ summers

This week’s meeting of the Queens’ CompSci students focused on what our part II students did over summer (that being the summer between years 2 & 3 of the undergraduate course).A slide from Holly's talk about an internship at Facebook

Many secured a placement for an internship. This lasted about 3 months with a variety of companies including Facebook, Amazon TV and Palantir, taking place in California, London, Russia, Denmark and more. These students gained experience in industry as well as with new toolsets, and enjoyed many of the perks of working with huge companies – Facebook’s food being especially recommended!A slide from Jeppe's talk about an internship with Palentir

One common recommendation from students was to apply early in the year for internships – interviews can start around November, and if places fill up before they process your application you can find it hard to secure something for the summer. Queens’ starts C.V. help early in the year to aid you in this. Cambridge also offers summer projects in the Computer Laboratory to build on skills learnt in the year.

Other students chose to spend their summer on independent learning – Mistral devoted a large part of his time to researching malware and computer security, for instance. Meanwhile, Jake developed an iOS app for his location-based social network company (a joint project with other students), and also worked on his YouTube series (which is featured often on this blog) and web development.

Finally, the part II students held a short panel where other students could ask them questions, followed by a great formal dinner.