How to give a presentation (and give feedback to others)

Over the upcoming weeks we’ll be having presentations from the third year students. The format is that they will speak for 30 minutes and then they’ll sit down and we’ll give them feedback on how they presented for 30 minutes.

To give us some basis for discussion I gave a talk this week on “What makes a good talk good?”.

The majority of the talk was based around this TED talk:

We paused the video at appropriate points and talked about the good things the speaker is doing to engage the audience and get the message across. If you are watching the video watch out for him repeatedly refreshing the main points and using the Rule of Three. There are so many things going on in this video that we spent 40 minutes talking about the first 10 minutes of the talk.

After watching the video I talked about some other techniques not visible in the talk (use of slides for example) and how we might structure our thinking when trying to give feedback to others.

I’m looking forward to seeing the presentations from the third years in the following weeks.