A new(ish) addition

Hello readers!

My name is Dr Ramsey Faragher, and I am a new Bye Fellow at Queens’ college in Computer Science. I help Dr Rice to cover the mathematical and applied parts of the tripos and have actually been in post for a few months now, but am only just getting around to this blog. My research interests are very applied, in the broadest sense I am interested in writing software to allow systems to understand and navigate the world around them. This encompasses sensor fusion, machine learning, autonomy, computer vision, and signal processing.

“From submarines to smartphones” is the name of a talk I have given many times covering my adventures so far in the fields of positioning and navigation. That succinct title is missing out autonomous cars, autonomous aircraft, trains, and a host of other platforms. I was even involved in the original design study for ESA on the intelligent navigation system (now called Seeker) for the EXOMARS autonomous Martian rover planned to hit the planet in 2018. My broad exposure to a wide range of projects came from spending 6 years in industry between my PhD and my current academic post. I still engage with various industrial sectors today through both academic and extra-curricular activities and continue to find myself working on new and exciting projects. Top Gear magazine wrote an article about me in 2013, based on my wide variety of projects and developments. Perhaps one day I shall write a book with the same snappy title as my favourite talk, but for now most of my stories shall have to wait for computer science dinners, talks and college feasts….