The Hassabis Fellowship in Computer Science

Exciting news.

One of our alumni Demis Hassabis has made a donation to college to endow two fellowships. One will be the Hassabis Fellowship in Computer Science and the other will be the Niccoli Fellowship in Natural Sciences in honour of Demis’ wife, Teresa. They met at Queens’ and she studied Natural Sciences so I think that’s very fitting.

My fellowship will henceforth be known as the Hassabis Fellowship in Computer Science.

The supervision system, and indeed the close working relationship between me and my students is very expensive to provide. Interest generated from the college’s endowment is used to subsidise this. Demis’ donation means that there is now money in the endowment specifically for the purpose of teaching Computer Science. This is a really great thing to ensure that we can carry on delivering the highest quality teaching and support to Computer Science students at Queens’.

I’m also pleased to report that the college’s Governing Body has decided to admit Demis as a Fellow Benefactor. The first ever Computer Science Fellow Benefactor at college!

Thank you Demis!