Monthly Archives: April 2015

Educational Lego

Last night we practised Agile software engineering using Lego.   Stephen (who supervises Object Oriented Programming) is a certified Scrum Master and so led a session explaining the Scrum process.  We then put it into practice doing short 5 minute sprints building a Lego themepark.

Phase 1 was to build the project backlog.  We did this with postit notes stuck to the wall.  There were some logistical issues about getting everyone near enough to see though.


Here’s a picture of one team mid-sprint


Here’s (some parts) of the finished theme park.  Note the self-driving car with ‘built-in’ RFID tag.


And here’s my favourite model: its a travelling salesman who is holding the solution to the P=NP problem:


First meeting of term

We’re  back.  Yesterday was the first meeting of term.  We had updates from third year students about how their projects are getting on.  And 7 of this term’s supervisors came to join us.  Due to popular demand I’m going to be supervising Mobile and Sensor Systems this term for the third years.  A major topic of my research over the last five years has been mobile phones and energy consumption so hopefully that will help.

After the meeting it was dinner as usual and Eduard told me how he spent his time over the vacation solving the First round of Code Jam using only Excel.