Robot battle

On Wednesday last week we played Robocode.

For those of you who’ve not seen it before its basically a simulator for battles between robot tanks.  You play the game by writing Java code to control your tank and try to destroy everyone else.

We had three teams, each of which was tasked with writing two robots.  Then, after 2 hours, we had a tournament to see which robot was best.

Here’s a video of Sid2 fighting Larry.  Sid2 (you can guess who wrote that) was built by copying and pasting example code off the web (this turned out to be a very good strategy for building a good robot in 2 hours).  Larry was a more customised effort featuring a colour changing technique (for no particular benefit in battle):

After beating Sid2 we thought Larry was going to emerge the winner but then ProbablyTerribleRobot came on the scene:

Here’s a video of all of our robots in melee.  Special mention to Robotina and FirstRobot for their very novel movement patterns…