Monthly Archives: June 2015

Queens’ visit to Google Deepmind

Yesterday I took 15 Queens’ students up to Google Deepmind for a visit.  We had a really enjoyable day out.

The purpose of the trip was to do some testing of the Deepmind interview process.  We’re going to study how the results of the Deepmind interview quiz correlate with the exam performances of our students.  Deepmind are interested in this so as to see whether they want to tune their interview process.

In order to make it worth everyone’s while the Google Deepmind team provided us with lunch, a Q&A session with Demis Hassabis, a tech talk about what’s going on in Deepmind and an all expenses paid trip to the pub!

We took 15 students along: 3 computer science, 7 maths, 5 natural sciences.  And I’m pleased to say that it was a Computer Scientist who came top in the quiz (yes, I’m very biased).  Well done Sid! He won a Nexus 9 tablet for his trouble.


Here you can see some of the pre-quiz ‘warmup’ activities.  The Deepmind office has the requisite pool, table football and table tennis tables.


This is the quiz room.  There were 15 googlers who gave up their afternoon to do the interviewing.


And we had a really great Q&A session with Demis where he answered all questions about the future of Deepmind, the future of AI, and anything else we came up with.