Part II students’ summers

Our first real Wednesday meeting of the term included a presentation from our part 2 (third year students on the undergraduate course) students on what they did over summer.

Katie’s summer involved an internship at Jagex Games Studio (developers of Runescape), where she worked on an implementation of a Naive matt
Bayesian Classifier to determine the likelihood of a support ticket being valid or from a potential hijacker. She also got to experience a variety of work socials, plus being an early beta tester for new game features. Matt’s summer involved interning for a joint venture with Boeing and the University, based on computer vision. The role also involved giving talks to Boeing engineers in America. Andi spent his time learning things in his own time and taking some time off, along with an internship with Google in Poland and with Palantir in New York.

Ben’s intership involved working on the Xen hypervisor, a system for managing many ben
different virtual machines on a server. Due to security issues involving a virtual machine being able to interfere with other virtual machines, the x86 emulator had to be moved to a lower permissions level with workers to perform higher-level tasks, which is easier said than done considering the emulator was written with assumptions it had a high level of privilege. Nevertheless, the task was completed by the end of the internship. Jamie didn’t get an internship, and definitely showed that it’s not the end of the world if you don’t. He spent the summer doing sports and making sure he was refreshed for term to start again in October, along with exploring 3rd year topics and ideas for his project, a procedural racetrack generator. Radu had an intership at Google over summer, during which he worked on a “Merchant Telephony Notifier,” the exact details of which were secret, but involved text-to-speech. Sid worked with the Undergraduate Research Opportunities Programme, travelling and researching his part II project.