Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes

This week’s Wednesday meeting saw the Queens’ CompScis participate in a somewhat different activity: bomb defusal.

In Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes, a player is locked in a room with a bomb that will imminently go off, and has five minutes (or less) to defuse the bomb by disarming several complicated modules. However, they have absolutely no idea how to defuse the bomb. Thankfully, the other players are equipped with a bomb defusal manual — but they can’t see the bomb, so everyone involved has to communicate quickly and clearly to stand a chance of survival.


Having arranged ourselves into threes and decided on team names, we got to work. The game proved to be quite interesting, and certainly tested our ability to convey information accurately and under pressure. We deciphered confusing symbols, disambiguated between lots of homophones, and tried to tackle a light displaying Morse Code, although around half of us found it impossible to coherently read out the rapid sequence of dots and dashes.

Overall, we enjoyed improving our communications skills in a fast-paced and competitive game environment. Congratulations to Dhruv, Henry, and Tamara, who managed to defuse 9 bombs by the end of the session! Also thanks to the developers of Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes for providing us with copies of the game.