Monthly Archives: June 2016

Second and Third year results

The results for the second and third years came out last Friday. Well done all round. Here are the stats. 3rd years: 2 firsts, 3 2.1’s and 2 3rds. 2nd years: 4 firsts, 1 2.1 and 1 3rd. We had a couple of near misses this year and so very nearly had more firsts.

A particular well done to Rob who ranked 2nd across all 2nd year Computer Scientists in Cambridge and to Henry who ranked 4th.

4th year results

This year Eduard decided to stay on and take the 4th year option (known as Part III). In order to qualify for this you have to either get a First in the 3rd year or a First in both your 1st and 2nd years.

I’m pleased to report than not only has Eduard passed with distinction but he’s been awarded the “MetaSwitch Best Part III Student Prize 2016” for coming top of his year.

This was due in part to his excellent project score of 91/100. To score about 90 one has to meet these criteria:

  • Significant contribution to field
  • Evidence of considerable extra-curricular reading and original interpretation
  • Challenging goals, and substantial deliverables, without much help from supervisor
  • Close to faultless in execution and write-up

Well done Eduard!