Our First Part 1A Group Meeting

Every Tuesday, the 1A (first year) compscis at Queens’ have a weekly meeting, where we do things that are quite different from the material we are covering in lectures. For our first session, we split into two teams of three and disassembled some old computers as far as we could.


The first stage was to remove the components from the case, which proved harder than we expected because the screws were so worn out, while also figuring out how all the parts work together.

Eventually we got all of the parts out of the case, and we were ready to start disassembling the components (after a short cake break). One group decided to work on the power supply, while the other attacked the floppy and hard drives.

Unfortunately, due to some inaccessible screws and missing tools, we were unable to fully disassemble the hard drives (a key would have been needed to extract the drives from their hot swap bays), but the other parts came apart well, revealing even more complex circuitry.