How to Give a Talk

Queens’ famous wednesday meetings are evening sessions, normally an hour long, organised by our Director of Studies to give us a bit of extracurricular experience and networking with each other.

Our first session of the year was led by Dr Ramsey Faragher, a Bye-Fellow of the college. With his experience working in industry he led a talk on… well, giving talks.

Ramsey had lots of advice to give us, the main points being:

  • Get your audience’s attention quickly (i.e. the first 10 seconds). The worst thing you can do is boringly introduce yourself and give a long contents page.
  • Design your talk for your audience. Don’t patronise them and don’t skip over slides because you fear they won’t be understood.
  • Keep your slides brief and don’t just read them out. Be fluent in your speech
  • Know your talk inside out, so you can fluidly move from one slide to the next

If you’d like more tips, the below video gives plenty:

Our next meeting will be the following Wednesday where the Part II students talk about their summers.