This evening Pavol Drotar gave a talk about Summapp, an Android application he wrote with a team of five friends. Summapp analyses an audio recording of a phone call and returns a list of key words and actions found in it. A beta version is available on the Google Play Store.

Summapp was implemented in Kotlin, a programming language which integrates closely with Java. The advantage of programming in Kotlin is that it offers more simplicity and safety.

The app itself uses Google Speech to Text on the phone handset and a custom cloud-based service which in turn makes use of DialogFlow to extract important parts of the call. The results are then fed back to the user’s phone using Google Firebase.

Benefits of using Summapp:

  • Extract key events, such as meeting places and times, from an audio recording of a phone call.
  • Export extracted events to Google Calendar and share with other users
  • View specific places described in the call on Google Maps
  • Determines contacts mentioned in the phone call
  • Provides an organised history of calls