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A Queens’ compsci’s first week

The first thing that I noticed about my first week at queens is that it was over.

That is to say, it was a very busy week.

On the Saturday, I arrived at Queens’, got my keys, found my room and started to unpack. I said goodbye to my mum and dad, and went to find my new parents -every fresher at Queens’ is assigned to a ‘college family’ to help everyone to get accustomed to life at Queens’.

So, once I found my parents, and had met my family, the week had already started. I was shown around the college, taught the etiquette of formal hall and shown around Cambridge by my parents. We even took to the river on a punt.

Already, it’s Monday. On Monday, I met our DoS Bogdan, and the rest of the first year CompScis. We’re all pretty similar, so we became good friends pretty quickly.

The next day was matriculation. This basically consists of a fancy ceremony, were you sign a book and meet the president, and a fancy meal. At the matriculation dinner we met Robin Walker, who was the DoS for computer science at Queens’ for many years – he had plenty of stories to tell.

On Wednesday, the day was useful to catch up with all the administration and things. In the evening was a meeting with all the Queens’ CompScis, followed by a formal dinner. We had a great time getting to know all the other compscis.

Finally, on Thursday, lectures began with a 9AM maths lecture. Afterwards was a databases lecture at the William Gates building, followed by a department induction event.

And that was my busy first week as a Queens compsci.