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How the Part IIs spent their summer

It’s now the end of week three and at Queens’ we have been talking in our weekly seminar about how our Part II students spent their summer. Queens’ Computer Scientists are in the lucky position of being highly-sought-after in the jobs market, with many of them spending the summer in a well-paid internship. Each year companies pay the Computer Lab a fee to attract our students to working for them at a careers fair and there are usually more companies than freshers attending!

One of our freshers, Jamie writes about this evening’s event:

Mark Twain said that “the lack of money is the root of all evil”, so this week the part IIs told us about how they made money over the summer. Of the five part IIs that spoke, four had internships over the summer vacation.

Sam spent his time working for a “startup-like” company called Improbable, who build distributed simulation systems for applications such as weather simulation and large game worlds. Sam worked in the demos building “cool stuff” to show off Improbable’s technology and raved about their friendly culture and staff.

Boeing Defence had the pleasure of Bradley’s internship, where he worked on a machine-vision project. Bradley said that the environment in the R&D office was much better than that in other offices.

Rob stayed in College and worked in the Computer Labs where he developed an open source processor design with the Computer Architecture team. He wanted to explore opportunities in hardware development to complement his previous work in software teams.

The College also hosted Alex while he worked for Mediatek’s testing team developing tools. Mediatek produce phone processor and modems where testing is critical. Alex enjoyed working in a large company where he could experience a globally connected work environment.

With the Computer Lab’s careers fair coming up, this is the perfect time for all years to be looking for temporary internships or permanent post-graduation employment.


From Cambridge offer to coming up.

It’s the start of the new academic year and we’re all go at Queens’. Lectures have started, we’ve had two group meetings of compscis and supervisions are starting imminently.

I asked one of our new fresher’s, Aliyah, to write a few words on her experience of the time between getting a Cambridge offer to coming up to Cambridge. She says:

From Cambridge offer to coming up

Those who have had a conditional offer from any university know exactly how it feels – a few days of elation, followed by panic that you won’t make your grades.

You probably expect me to say “don’t worry, everything will be fine,” but it’s a stressful process and completely natural to have concerns. What I do want to say is that Cambridge is most definitely worth the effort you put in to get here.

We were told on arrival that every offer is made to someone who stands out from the crowd as exceptional. Trust that the academics have chosen you for a reason, but be prepared for the hard work that’s yet to come!

We’re glad the the effort is worth it :).